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-RideController sales and installs-

     As an authorized RideController dealer, 12voltVillains also offers installation in the Central California area. Please call or email twelvevoltvillains@yahoo.com for details.

-Custom lightbar builds-

     Got an idea for a custom lightbar you'd like built? Send us an email (twelvevoltvillains@yahoo.com) with a detailed description for an estimate. We do it all, from RGB color change, patterns, strobes, scanning, cab lights, backlighting, switches, actuators, and motion

     Unfortunately we will not modify a lightbar you send in to us, we only modify lightbars we supply and trust.

New custom lightbar styles and products are constantly being featured and offered on limited supply basis by 12voltvillains.

-3rd Brake light LED message kit installs-

     We offer installation of our 3rd brake LED message kits. Send in your 3rd brake light and we'll install a 12voltVillains LED message kit and ship it back. Each brake light requires diffrent modifications so please email uswith your Year, Make and Model vehicle for a quote.